Weekly Update: $421.01 Profit

2 winning weeks in a row feels so nice, especially after having so many losing weeks in a row. I'm so, so close to doubling my bankroll, and I'm really excited about that. Making this blog has been one of the keys to my success: holding myself accountable.

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Weekly Update: $157.08 Profit

Last week's "back to basics" cleanup made this week much more enjoyable. I didn't put in as much action, and I made a profit. Making $150 in a week doesn't seem like much, especially considering how much time I put into this, but then when I think of where I'm going to be in a year, it makes me really excited.

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leaving money on the table

How do I find the best, most profitable handicappers?

Sports betting has a certain allure to it. And I get it; money won is twice as sweet as money earned. People have dreams of being able to quit their jobs and just bet on their favorite sports for a living. If only it were that easy.

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Weekly Update: -$221.77 Loss

I spent some time over the weekend going over all my stats, and it made me realize that most of my profits have come from my own systems and the MMA handicappers that I pay for. So why am I trying so hard to do what everybody else has tried to do (and failed)?

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Weekly Update

Weekly Update: +$690.29 profit

My bankroll is recovering very nicely since I got rid of Pro Computer Gambler. It sucks how much time and money I wasted, but nothing I can do about that now. I added a few more European handicappers to my portfolio, and I look forward to their results.

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How to sell sports picks

7 things the best handicappers are doing to sell their picks

It's hard to sell sports picks. You have to have thick skin, and your customers will abandon you at the first hint of a losing streak. You have to continuously prove yourself, every single day, no matter what your long-term record is. Many customers only care about what you've done for them this week.

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I’m confident that the losing streak is now over

I'm glad to see a winning week, and things are definitely looking up again. I've never had a handicapper do that bad for so long. A 3-month losing streak is simply unacceptable, and for that reason, I am changing my handicapper criteria.

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How to handle a losing streak in sports betting

11 Must-Follow Rules to Handle a Losing Streak

I've won more money than I've lost. I have the stats, records and graphs to prove it. It's still hard to lose. 

It's easy to get cocky and over-confident when your bets are winning and your bankroll keeps growing.

It's only when the winning stops and the losing streak from hell shows up when you get to find out what you're really made of.

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It’s rough seeing all this red

The good news is that I finally fired Pro Computer Gambler, so now I can get back to rebuilding my bankroll. I should thank him for doing what he did. I wish he would've done it much sooner. It would've saved me quite a bit of money.

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Pro Computer Gambler Finally Fired

I’m officially done with Pro Computer Gambler & Tom Herbert

Update September 2018

Tom reached out to me and has given me access to his picks for 1 year. Apparently there was an email issue and he never saw my replies. I have started tracking his picks (although I'm not currently betting them), and I will update monthly with how his picks are doing.

I really didn't want to write this post, but enough is enough.

After a truly horrendous run, including going 1-7 one day this week, PCG released 17 picks in one day!

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