December Update: -$898.55 Loss

December was a losing month, to finish out the year. I'm going to release my first ever annual update shortly, as well. My soccer system was the only thing that saved me from being a really bad month.


The past few months have been ups and downs, but that's expected. As I see from my profit performance graph, it's always going to be ups and downs. Right now, I'm just trading wins and losses, back and forth.

I'm still just betting my own picks right now, so the updates will be shorter, since I'm not having to break down how each handicapper or service did.

December 2017 Results

I made a total of 122 bets. I went 57-61, giving me a 48.3% win rate. I put a total of $18,666 into action, and made a net loss of -$898.55, producing a -4.8% yield.

Converting that to units (or points), I risked a total of 122 units, and lost -5.87 units.

​Breaking it down by sport

I did the best in soccer, and I did the worst in the NBA.

​Breaking it down by sportsbook

I made the most money at Bookmaker, and I lost the most money at BetUS. I made most of my bets at Bookmaker.

Cumulative Results

Since I started back on December 5, 2016, I have made a total of 3,279 bets. My total record is 1791-1427, giving me a 55.7% win rate.

I have put a total of $275,737.50 into action, and have made a net profit of $8,728.74, producing a 3.2% return on turnover. My Return on Capital is 209.18%.

Converting that to units (points), I've made a total profit of 103.8 units, which is about a +0.25 unit per day profit (7.4 units average monthly profit).

The average odds of my bets are -106, and my average bet size is risking $86.75.

I have made the most profit in the NFL, with MLB coming in 2nd, and soccer trailing in third. College football has produced the worst return for me so far.

I made the most money placing my bets at 5Dimes, and I've lost the most money at Bookmaker. I've made the most of my bets at BetOnline, with Pinnacle coming in 2nd, and 5Dimes in 3rd.

Well, I have been at this for 393 days now. That's an average of 8.3 bets per day. My average daily profit currently sits at $16.03, which is an average monthly profit of $487.44.

And here's my Profit Performance graph:

Like I already said, it's been ups and downs for months now. I'm still trending upward, so I'm not worried at all. I'm on a losing streak right now, but the pattern since September has been a strong winning streak, followed by a strong losing streak.

Definitely peaks and valleys right now. Just trading back and forth, pretty much treading water at this point. This is pretty much exactly what you can expect with sports betting.

I gotta be honest; it still gets frustrating at times. Doing basically nothing for months seems almost like it's not worth it; like I'm wasting my time. But I know from the past thousands of bets exactly what's going to happen.

I'm going to have a killer month sometime soon, and it's going to break through this plateau and push my wager amounts to a higher level again.

Baseball is a very strong sport for me, and my new soccer system has also proven to be quite successful.

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