What odds does your parlay pay out?

How to find out the odds your parlay bet is paying out

Yes, I bet parlays (also known as accumulator bets outside of America). They're very profitable, when used with an existing winning sports betting system.

I've heard it time and time again that parlays and teasers are sucker bets, but I have no problem using them for +EV (positive expected value) bets.


Something that annoys me is when I place my parlay bet, the betting slip doesn't tell me what odds I got for my bet. I need to know this number so that I can record it in my bet tracker spreadsheet.

I guess since most people don't track their bets, the sportsbooks generally overlook this little feature, so it's something I have to manually calculate every time I place a parlay bet.

I figure since it's something I had to figure out how to do, it's probably something that somebody else is wondering how to do, too.

So here's how I figure out the odds I'm getting for my parlay bet.

First, here's a normal parlay betting slip for a bet I've placed.

It has the teams I'm betting on, what their individual odds are, and the Risk/Payout amounts.

It's just missing what the actual parlay odds are.

I have no idea why sportsbooks leave this part out, but thankfully it's super-easy to figure it out.

BetOnline Parlay Bet Slip

How to figure out what your parlay bet odds are

  • Divide the "Win" amount by the "Risk" amount. In this example, you would divide 169.26 / 186, which would give you 0.91.
  • Take the number you got from Step 1, and add a "1" to it. So for this example, we now have 1.91.
  • What you now have are the decimal/European odds for how much your parlay pays out. To find out the American odds, I like to use the SBR Odds Converter tool. When I type in 1.91 in the "Decimal Odds" field (and hit Enter), it shows me "-109.89" in the "US Odds" field. Round that number up, and I now know that I'm getting -110 odds for my parlay.

See? Really easy, right? It would be incredibly helpful if the sportsbooks just gave us that number right off the bat (and I'm sure some of them do), but until they do, now you know how to figure out the odds for yourself.

Good luck with your bets today!

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