How to Scam a Sports Bettor, Part 1

Gamblers are suckers.

It’s like selling crack to an addict. They don’t care about the quality of the crack. They just want their fix, at the right price.

Sports bettors aren’t any different. They’re looking for their next fix. They suck at sports betting, so they need an expert with some insider knowledge to sell them their dream.

There’s many angles to choose from. Maybe you got an MIT nerd in your back pocket. Maybe your brother-in-law is a coach, or you have connections to key players. Maybe you used to play the game and know all the tricks. The angle is the easy part to figure out.

Really, gamblers are suckers.

They want to win. They need to win. They have an addiction. They have a disease, and you’re the doctor with their cure.

And now, thanks to technology and easy-to-use software, it’s incredibly easy to create some evidence that you are the answer to their dreams. You are their Messiah. You have the insider information. You’ve developed a top-secret formula that nails winners at alarming rates.

How to create a winning bet ticket

First, you need to create evidence that you can pick winners, and that you are the answer to your potential customer’s prayers.

I’ve made a video that shows you how easy this is to do. I’ll show it to you in just a moment.

So you’re going to need to make some screenshots of your winning wagers. This is incredibly easy to do. Just login to a sportsbook and make a $1 bet on both sides of the game. You have to do this to create the evidence.

Now you just need to wait for the game to finish.

After the game finishes and your bets have been settled, now you need to doctor up the bet slip to show the proof of your winning ticket.

This is really easy to do. You just need to use Google Chrome as your browser.

With Chrome, it’s really simple to change any text that shows up on your screen. All you have to do is pick the bet that won, change the text to show that you really bet a large amount, and then take a screenshot of that bet.

Be sure to show that you bet something like $20,000 on the game. This shows that you’re a very successful winning sports bettor. Gamblers love to see this.

After you’ve made the screenshot of your winning bet, now you just to plaster it on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Be sure to do this a few times a day, and be consistent with it for about a week.

After about a week of seeing your winning screenshots, the crack addicts gamblers will come crawling to you on their knees, begging for their next fix.

So sell it to them. After all, they’re going to buy picks from somebody. It might as well be from you, right?

Who cares if they lose? Most sports bettors are going to lose anyway. Most handicappers have a 50% win rate, so sports bettors have come to expect it.

Charge them $250 for a day’s worth of picks, and pick either 2 or 4 games on the board. Or sell them a week’s package for $500. They’ll gladly pay you via PayPal within seconds. Just hype up your picks and refer to the daily winners you’ve shown proof of.

It’s really, really easy to do.

Watch me do it, step-by-step

Here, tell you what, just watch this video that I made that walks you through it, showing you every thing you need to do. You’ll see for yourself how simple it is. Anybody can do it.

See, I told you.

It’s genius!

Now, let’s get serious

First, I have to say that obviously what I wrote above was purely tongue-in-cheek, but there’s a lot of seriousness in what I wrote.

The sports betting industry is full of scammers.

It’s a hard business to be in, because people are so skeptical, and I don’t blame them one bit.

You saw from the video I posted above that it’s easy to fake a screenshot of a winning ticket. If you get on Twitter, the touts are rampant. New ones pop up daily, because it’s trivial to create a Twitter account and start over again with a new scam.

Sports bettors have it harder than ever to find a real, honest, winning handicapper. I should really stop saying sports betting. I have no problem with what I do, because I’m investing in sports. I trade the market.

What I do is no different than what day traders do in the stock market. They trade their market, and I trade mine.

Sports handicappers make it harder on us to make a living from sports betting. They’re really great at marketing, and it’s easy for a newcomer to fall for their tricks, and ultimately end up losing their bankroll.

There are very few reliable resources that we can use to filter out these scamdicappers. Most of them refuse to track their picks on a reputable 3rd party tracker website, such as PickMonitor.

Why would they?

If you go to PickMonitor, and then to their Sports Handicapper Rankings page, you’ll see a default listing of how the handicappers are doing.

We have some specific criteria to follow, so first click on the Customize the Rankings button. I like to use the following criteria:

What Sports Handicapper Criteria to use at PickMonitor

What you’re left with, out of thousands and thousands of handicappers that track their picks on PickMonitor, are just a small handful of handicappers that actually win.

What handicapper wants that kind of record out there? They would be out of business pretty quickly if everybody could see their true, losing record.

Look for Part 2 of this article, coming pretty soon. It’s another juicy secret of the dark, seedy underground world of the sports handicappers scamdicappers.



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