Pro Computer Gambler Finally Fired

I’m officially done with Pro Computer Gambler & Tom Herbert

Update September 2018

Tom reached out to me and has given me access to his picks for 1 year. Apparently there was an email issue and he never saw my replies. I have started tracking his picks (although I'm not currently betting them), and I will update monthly with how his picks are doing.

I really didn't want to write this post, but enough is enough.

After a truly horrendous run, including going 1-7 one day this week, PCG released 17 picks in one day!


That is simply unacceptable. You don't go from a steady, consistent number of plays to jumping to 17 in one day!

I think he's getting desperate, after the really long extended losing streak he's been on. Even though he was profitable releasing 17 picks in one day, I'm not willing to deal with a handicapper like this.

Overall, I had him for 371 picks. He won 166 and lost 205, which is a 44.7% win rate. That gave me a -12.02% yield, and lost me -$2,142.97, not counting the $210 in subscription fees that I also paid him.

All in all, Tom got me for -$2,352.97. Ouch.

He wasn't profitable in any of the 3 sports he released picks for.

In the NBA, he went 72-79 (47.7% win rate), for a -9.9% yield, and he lost me -$727.71.

In MLB, he went 10-25 (28.6% win rate), for a -36.8% yield, and he lost me -$338.65.

In the NHL, he went 84-101 (45.4% win rate), for a -11.3% yield, and he lost me -$1,077.11.

Just horrible numbers.

And yet, I still would've stuck with him, because I understand that variance happens. His long-term numbers are very good.

That is, until I reached out to him, and he completely ignored me. I can't keep putting my money behind somebody as erratic as this, so I'm done with him. He lost me 2 grand, and taught me plenty.

Maybe he works just fine for other people. Maybe he'll go on an incredible winning streak. I still see him on Twitter touting how great his "raw numbers" are, and how he's up +14 units since August of last year (completely ignoring the horrible losing streak he's been on for the past 3 months).

Pro Computer Gambler on Twitter

Unfortunately, I did not bet his picks on Thursday. Considering how completely horrid he has been for the past 3 months, and suddenly releasing 17 picks on one day? C'mon now. No thank you.

I can smell desperation a mile away, and this man is very desperate.

And just completely ignoring one of your paying customers isn't cool at all with me. If you're going to celebrate the good, you need to say something during the bad. You're playing with your customer's hard-earned money; this is their livelihood.

You don't mess with people's money.

So, we part ways, Tom Herbert with Pro Computer Gambler. I wish you the best of luck. I wish I could've stuck to my original rules and given you a full season (or a 1,000 pick run), but the perfect storm brewed and it's time for me to jump ship.

  • 3 month losing streak. I wouldn't ditch a handicapper for this reason alone. While a losing streak is tolerable, watching my bankroll get slashed down to a fraction of what it once was, was just the icing on top of the cake.
  • Releasing 17 picks in a day. During my subscription, he's NEVER released 17 picks in a day before. I would never use a service that gave that many picks per day. It's not my style at all. I would rather use 5 handicappers that released 4 picks a day than 1 handicapper that releases 20.
  • Completely ignoring me when I reached out to ask him if he thought his model was going to rebound or if he needed to maybe update it). This is completely unacceptable. He can't say he never saw my message; it's been 4 days now. He just outright chose to not respond to me - a paying customer that he has caused to lose thousands of dollars. I knew the risk going in, and I don't fault him for losing me the money. I fault him for ignoring me!

Sorry Tom, it's nothing personal, but your service just isn't for me, at all.

On the plus side, now I get to start rebuilding my bankroll. Tom from Pro Computer Gambler wiped out a huge chunk of it. My betting unit has been slashed down a lot as a result of this, but I will rebuild.

My own systems are profitable, and I have hopefully chosen better handicappers than Tom Herbert and Pro Computer Gambler. They will be able to do what he is unable to.

At least they respond when they go on losing streaks. Pay attention, Tom. That's how you treat your paying customers. You don't ignore them.

Life after Pro Computer Gambler

It's been really nice watching my bankroll recover, albeit slowly. It's only been a couple of days, but at least I'm profitable.

I've had a 6.73% bankroll growth since ditching Tom. Things are already looking up!

I'm very, very confident about a few of the handicappers that I'm using, and they're performing just as expected.

I'm not as confident about the others that I am using for the MLB season, but I believed in them enough to have spent thousands of dollars on season packages.

It's truly unfortunate about Pro Computer Gambler, but it is what it is. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Back to business, and back to building my bankroll. Tom was just another speedbump along the way.

We got UFC on FOX tonight, and MMA always provides a really strong ROI for me. MMA and American football are the only sports I watch where I also bet on the game, so that's always fun. Enjoy your weekend. Let's make some money!

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