January 2017 Results: +$1,026.57 Profit!

My first full month is now over, and what a month it was! I know that it’s only been less than 2 months, but I had a winning December, and now a winning January. I know that after about 15 years of doing this, I finally have every thing dialed in. I’m incredibly optimistic that February will also be another winning month. Knock on wood!

Well, let’s get down to the numbers, shall we?
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How much money did I make in January 2017 from sports betting?

As you can see, in January I made a total of 248 bets. I won 141, lost 102, and pushed on 5, giving me a 58% win percentage. I put a total of $9,015 into action, returning a net profit of $1,026.57, producing an 11.39% ROI.

Those are just fantastic numbers, and I’m very, very pleased with that ROI. That just confirms to me that I’m on the right track, and that I just need to increase my turnover. What that basically means is that I need to make more bets (not increase the amount I wager per bet, beyond my standard 1% of bankroll per bet).

The only limiting factor for this is my own systems and the handicapper’s picks that I pay for. My own systems are maxed out; they can’t produce any additional picks. I already bet every pick that they produce. It’s the same for the 3 handicappers that I currently subscribe to.

I’m not going to change anything for February, but I’m thinking that in March I might be adding an additional handicapper. I have to be careful with adding handicappers too fast, because their fees cut into my profit.

Sure, I had a grand in income this month, minus my expenses (the 3 handicapper’s picks that I pay for). I’m still very much profitable for January, but to keep it that way, I have to balance my budget and add additional handicappers as I am able to do so.

I would love to bring on a soccer (football for the non Americans) and tennis handicapper, so that I could have my money in action as much as possible. Soccer and tennis are the most bet sports in the world, easily surpassing the popularity of the NFL in the United States. That’s too much opportunity to be leaving on the table.

My goal for 2017 is to bring on the 2 remaining handicappers that I’ve been tracking for awhile now (they both focus on the American sports), and then to find a soccer handicapper and a tennis handicapper, for a total of 4 new handicappers. That would give me 7 handicappers total that I would be paying for, which considerably adds to my expenses.

Anyway, back to the January numbers.

I made the most money in the NBA, and I did the worst in the NFL, taking a loss. As for how the sportsbooks have performed, I’ve blocked out the key identifying information, because I don’t want them to be able to identify my accounts.

I made the most money with BetOnline, followed by Pinnacle with a close second place. I lost the most money at Heritage Sports. I placed the most bets at BetOnline, and I made the least amount of bets at MyBookie.

As for each of my individual results, and the handicapper’s results:

  • FP System: I made 20 bets, and went 13-7 (65% winners). I put $701 into total action, returning a net profit of $164.84, producing a 23.51% ROI.
  • PR System: Even though I quit using this system towards the end of January, I’m still going to put the results here. I made 86 bets, and went 47-36-3 (56.6% winners). I put $3,046 into total action, returning a net profit of $304, producing a 9.98% ROI.
  • Live Betting System: I made 85 bets, and went 48-35-2 (57.8% winners). I put $3,142 into total action, returning a net profit of $284.75, producing a 9.06% ROI.
  • MMA Handicapper #1: I made 25 bets, and went 15-10 (60% winners). I put $910 into total action, returning a net profit of $203.53, producing a 22.37% ROI.
  • MMA Handicapper #2: I made 5 bets, and went 4-1 (80% winners). I put $190 into total action, returning a net profit of $60.86, producing a 32.03% ROI.
  • PCG: I made 27 bets, and went 14-13 (51.9% winners). I put $1,026 into total action, returning a net profit of $8.59, producing a 0.84% ROI.

The last data filter that I have available to me on the bet tracker spreadsheet is I can break down the results based on money line, spread, or total.

  • Money Line: I made 49 bets, and went 29-20 (59.2% winners). I put $1,784 into total action, returning a net profit of $286.70, producing a 16.07% ROI.
  • Spread: I made 184 bets, and went 105-74-5 (58.7% winners). I put $6,687 into total action, returning a net profit of $796.56, producing an 11.91% ROI.
  • Total: I made 15 bets, and went 7-8 (46.7% winners). I put $544 into total action, returning a net loss of -$56.69, producing a -10.42% ROI.

I love using this bet tracker spreadsheet, because I have so much data available to me. I can quickly see that the money line bets are producing a greater ROI, but the spread bets are making me almost 2.8x more money.

I can also see that the bets on the game totals lost me money in January. However, overall, they are still profitable for me to bet. It’s very important to have this kind of information available for us. Without it, you can’t possibly know how you’re truly doing. You need to know where you’re making (and losing) the most money. Without a spreadsheet, you’re shooting blind.

Just looking at January’s results, it’s really great to see that my discipline, dedication and hardcore obsession has given me a very healthy profit for the month. My business will continue to grow month after month, and I can’t wait to see where it stands after my first annual report I do a year from now.

I’ve designed this business to be completely scalable. I have an end goal in mind, and I’m completely following along the blueprint that I created. I know exactly what to expect. This process has been in development for years now; it’s only now that I’m actually putting my money on the line, and it’s been phenomenal so far.

I’ve really enjoyed doing the weekly update posts; they keep me fully updated as to how I’m progressing, instead of seeing the results once a month.

I know that it may look like I haven’t been writing a lot of posts this month (besides the weekly updates), but I’ve been working plenty on several articles that I’ve been posting, such as the How to bet on sports page that you see in the menu up top, as well as the various sportsbook review pages. 

As I said, I have an outline, a blueprint, that I’m following. I’ve laid everything out, so now it’s just a matter of me following the steps to be able to quit my job and do this for a living.

I really want to create a community of like-minded sports bettors that have the same goals that I do; to earn a reliable income every month from our wagers. I treat this as a business, because it is a business. I want to network with other people that do the very same thing.

I know you guys are out there; I just have to find you and bring everybody together into one place. And if you happen to know of a good soccer and/or tennis handicapper, let me know!

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