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The losing streak continues: I lost -$1,036.50 last week

Just when I thought the worst was behind me, I think I just had my worst losing week ever. I lost 4 figures in 1 week. Every single system and handicapper that released picks lost me money last week, including my own systems. Ouch.


Weekly Results for 
3/20/2017 - 3/26/2017

I made a total of 77 bets. I went 32-45, giving me a 41.6% win rate. I put a total of $4,271 into action, and made a net loss of -$1,036.50, producing a -24.27% ROI.

How much money did I make this week betting on sports?

​Breaking it down by sport

While I did bad in all sports last week, I did the worst in college basketball, although they were all about equal.

Profit by Sport breakdown

​Breaking it down by sportsbook

I made the most money at Bovada, while I lost the most money at BetOnline. I made most of my bets equally at BetOnline and Pinnacle last week.

Free Pick Betting System Results

I had 9 bets total for my free pick system, and I went 3-6, giving me a 33.3% win rate. I put a total of $491 into action, and I made a net loss of -$184.04, producing a -37.48% ROI.

Free Pick Results

Live Betting System Results​

I had 15 bets for my live betting system, and went going 6-9, giving me a 40% win rate. I put a total of $818 into action, and I made a net loss of -$261.07, producing a -31.92% ROI.

Live Betting System Results

​Custom2006 MMA Results

There were no MMA picks last week.

MMA Betting Tips Results

There were no MMA picks last week.

Pro Computer Gambler Results​

Tom still hasn't been able to turn this sinking ship around. Maybe I just joined his service at the wrong time, and he had previously been on a record winning streak. Who knows.

Last week, Tom had 33 picks, and he went 15-18, giving me a 45.5% win rate. I put a total of $1,836 into action, and made a net loss of -$314.01, producing a -17.1% ROI.

Pro Computer Gambler Results

The Sports Geek Results​

Well, Kevin and his crew are back to their losing streak. To be fair, I don't bet any of their future bets, nor their golf picks or daily fantasy picks. I just bet the regular picks that are posted on the blog and that Kevin emails out.

They had 20 picks, going 8-12, giving me a 40% win rate. I put a total of $1,126 into action, and made a net loss of -$277.38​, producing a -24.63% ROI.

The Sports Geek Results

Cumulative Results​

Since I started back on December 5, 2016, I have made a total of 1,055 bets. My total record is 571-465-7-12 (wins, losses, bets refunded, and pushes), giving me a 55.1% win rate.

I have put a total of $47,922 into action, and have a made a net profit of $1,201.06, producing a 2.51% ROI.

The average odds of my bets are -105, and my average bet size is risking $46.11.

How much money have I made betting on sports?

I have made the most profit in the NBA, and NHL hockey has produced the worst return for me. Same results as last month, primarily because of how bad Pro Computer Gambler has been since I started following his plays.

Profit by Sport Breakdown

I made the most money placing my bets at BetOnline, and I've lost the most money at 5Dimes. I've made the most of bets at BetOnline, with Pinnacle coming in 2nd.

As for the individual system/handicapper results:



Total #





Free Picks








PR System








Live Betting








Custom2006 MMA








MMA Betting Tips








Pro Computer Gambler








The Sports Geek








Well, I was certainly wrong last week when I said that my ROI was going to stay about the same. I've now past 1,000 picks, and my ROI has dropped even further to 2.51%. From what I've read over and over, a 1-2% ROI is about what I can realistically expect over thousands and thousands of picks.

Here's a pretty chart of how I've done over time. As you can see below, it's getting bad. Even though I've been on a losing streak, the graph still used to show that I was still trending with upward growth over time.

However, even though I'm still profitable, the graph now shows that I'm steadily trending downward.

This is certainly how realistic sports betting is. I just hate seeing the long-term downward trend.

Sports Betting Profit Graph

I have been at this for 112 days now. That's an average of 9.4 bets per day (this is only a high number because of the larger number of bets placed on the weekends, including MMA). My average daily profit currently sits at $10.22, which is an average monthly profit of $310.71.

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