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How to make money betting on sports by fading Brandon Lang

You know that you’re really bad when people buy your picks just to fade them.

That’s the case with good ole Brandon Lang.

There’s an entire thread on a sports betting forum (you can read it over at TheRX) that has over 33,000 posts spanning over 1,300 pages, with people doing nothing but bashing him and betting against his picks.


Yeah, he’s that bad.

That thread alone has him tracked back since 2010, and you’ll see that year-in, year-out, he’s really, really bad.

Well, kind of.

You see, Lang is a 50% capper. You can’t make money straight-up tailing or fading his picks.

In reality, Lang is no different than any other sports bettor. And really, that’s what makes him so great.

He’s that friend you keep in your back pocket that always seems to lose his big bets, but the great thing is that he never quits. He keeps on giving out his picks, day-in, day-out.

The key to making money with Lang is to fade all of his picks, but by using his “dime” amounts.

The thing is, Lang is a really bad chaser. If he loses one bet for 20 “dimes”, he’ll bet 50 dimes. Then he’ll follow with a 100 dime play.

When he goes on winning streaks, he likes to release 20 dime picks, saving his big picks just for the weekends (except during football season), where he inevitably loses, and boy does he ever lose!

I didn’t go back through the entire thread, but from 2013 to September of 2017, he has lost -4,966 dimes.

If you had faded that, your profit would be anywhere from 25% - 50% of that total, so you’re looking at anywhere from 1,241 - 2,483 units of profit.

He really is that bad!

They even made a pretty decent movie about him, called Two for the Money (and yes, I own it!)

A month of his picks will cost you $479, but the cheapest option is to grab an annual package for $1,995.

If you wait until Saturday morning, there’s a coupon code that’s usually around a 20% - 25% discount, so you can save $400 - $500 off of an annual package.

I’m starting to sound like I’m slinging something or trying to get an affiliate commission, but there’s no affiliate program, and I don’t profit in any way if you decide to buy a package.

Brandon Lang - Two for the Money

There’s also the option of joining a buy group.

With a buy group, basically a group of guys go in and pool their money together, and one guy buys a pick package. Every day, that guy is responsible for emailing the pick and write-up to everybody in the buy group.

It’s definitely cheaper, but you are relying on somebody else to send the pick everyday. On the same forum thread I linked to earlier, you can find guys who are running a buy group.

My only advice is to stay away from Lang with college hoops. He’s not that bad with college basketball (he still chases a lot, but you won’t make money tailing or fading him).

Brandon Lang is absolute gold when fading him in the NFL and college football. He’s the very definition of a public square bettor. He loves playing favorites, and chases his losses. You’ll also make money fading him in the NBA and MLB, just not as much as with football.

He’s very manipulative with his marketing. It seems like his main goal is to have a winning week, even if it’s for the tiniest amount. It doesn’t matter if he loses -500 dimes in 1 week, and then wins a total of 15 dimes the next 3 weeks; his marketing will be that he’s won 3 out of the last 4 weeks.

He’s definitely sneaky with his marketing, that’s for sure. But at this point, I laugh at him. His videos are for entertainment, and fading him is one of the best sports betting systems that I know of.

Now, all of that being said, there is a downside to fading Lang.

Remember, Lang is a 50% capper. That means he also wins half the time. I’ve seen him go on a 3 week winning streak before (I've also seen him lose 15 bets in a row). He is very streaky, just like any other sports bettor.

I remember at one point, he was down a bit over -1,000 dimes for the year, then went into profit a few hundred dimes, only to give every bit of it back and finish out the year a loser, yet again.

You have to take the same precautions with Lang as you do with any other handicapper or any other sports betting system. You have to be very strict with your money management.

How to make money fading Lang

You have to fade him for the same dime amounts he releases for his picks. To get the dollar amount you’re getting to bet per “dime”, just divide your bankroll by 1,000. If you have a $5,000 bankroll (that you’re willing to strictly dedicate to only fading Lang’s picks), then you’re going to bet $5 per dime.

So when he releases an 80 dime play, you bet $400 on that game. Then the next day, he’ll release a 20 dime play, and you would bet $100 on that game.

Now normally, I would never advise risking 8% - 10% of your bankroll on any given pick, but for Brandon Lang, I’ll definitely make the exception. I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but he really is that bad.

When you decide to increase your bet amount is up to you. Some people bet the same amount for the entire season. Others change it monthly. Or you can re-calculate the amount daily, or even keep it the same amount until your bankroll reaches a new high.

Ultimately, it really only matters what you're most comfortable doing. Personally, I like to keep my bets the same amount until my bankroll reaches a new high, and then I re-calculate the amount that I risk.

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