Sportsbook Reviews

I am personally funded at 8 different sportsbooks, so I will only be reviewing those. I can’t write reviews for something that I don’t use, right?

These are listed in the order of which I make the most of my bets, so the first book listed gets the most of my action, while the last one gets the least.

Whenever I deposit money into additional sportsbooks, I’ll update this list and give a review of them as well. For now, these are the books I’m funded at and use all the time.

BetOnline Review

I make the most of my bets at BetOnline. 36% of my bets are placed here. BetOnline has one of the best live betting platforms for Americans, and I use it every day with my own live betting system. They have great bonuses, great odds, and they payout quickly with no fuss. I have a 61% win rate at BetOnline, and a 12.6% ROI.

5Dimes Review

For years, 5Dimes had the best prices out there, often even beating Pinnacle, but that’s been changing lately. They’re still my #2 sportsbook, and I use them a lot. They frequently have odds up for bets when nobody else does (which is important when you put in bets early). 21% of my bets are made here. I have a 57.6% win rate at 5Dimes, and an 11% ROI.

Pinnacle Sports Review

Unfortunately, Pinnacle does not accept American residents, but they are one of the best sportsbooks out there. They even openly advertise that they do not ban winners. If you’re not American, then Pinnacle is another sportsbook that you must be funded at. 14% of my bets are made here. I have a 58.7% win rate at Pinnacle, and a 14.5% ROI.

Heritage Sports Review

11% of my bets are made here. Heritage is a great reduced-juice sportsbook, especially during American football season. I make a lot of my NFL and college football bets at Heritage. Great book, and I’m proud to have them in my top 5. I have a 57.4% win percentage at Heritage, and a 7.1% ROI.

Bovada / Bodog Review

8% of my bets are made here. Bovada is a must-have book for betting the underdogs. They frequently give a better line for the dogs. I have a 70.3% win rate at Bovada, and I have the second-highest ROI here, at 31.5%! Bovada is for US residents; Bodog is for everybody else. No question about it, you must be funded here.

MyBookie Review

I have an 80% win rate at MyBookie, and because they offer incredible bonuses, my ROI with them is 130.8%! I don’t make too many bets here, because they usually don’t have the best prices. When they do, though, I win at a really high rate. It’s worth it for me to keep a little money here.

Bookmaker Review

 have a 68.8% win rate at Bookmaker, and the highest ROI at 34.5%! I wish they offered better prices on more games, because I would definitely bet more with them.

BetDSI Review

I’m currently down at BetDSI. I have a 36.4% win rate and a -3.2% ROI. Maybe I should fade the picks where BetDSI offers the best price? LOL.

If I had to pick one sportsbook?

That’s easy.

Without a doubt, my favorite sportsbook is …

BetOnline is my favorite sportsbook



Well, besides the regular benefits that everybody else talks about, let’s go over the best part: the numbers.

I have made the most money at BetOnline.

I make the most of my bets at BetOnline.

I have a 61% win rate at BetOnline.

I have a 12.6% ROI at BetOnline.

Their bonuses are great, they payout quick, they have high betting limits, they’ve never given me any problems, and they have the best live betting platform for Americans that I’ve seen.

They are my #1 go-to sportsbook. Period.