BetOnline Review

Located and licensed in Panama, BetOnline has been around since 2004. Any sportsbook that has been around for 13 years has definitely earned the trust of its users.

BetOnline accepts users from around the world; they don't have any country restrictions. They do cater more towards the American sports, though.

What's it look like?

BetOnline Wagering Screen

Their interface is very simple; very easy to understand and navigate. On the menu on the left side of the page, you choose which sport you want to bet on. It'll load the available games in the middle box.​

You select what type of bet you want to make (spread, money line, total, etc). It'll add the bet to your Bet Slip on the right side of the screen.

Then you just choose the amount you want to wager, and confirm your bet.

Very simple.

Live Betting

BetOnline Live Betting

For me, BetOnline really shines with their live betting. A chunk of my income comes from my live betting system, so I looked for the absolute best online sportsbooks for live betting.

I primarily use BetOnline for their live betting platform. They offer the most live betting options that I've seen for Americans. However, outside of live betting, I don't make as many bets as I do at other sportsbooks.

I see the following screen just about every single day. That's not an exaggeration, either. Whether on my laptop or my iPhone, I bet live almost daily.

Live In-Play Betting at BetOnline

Live In-Play Betting at BetOnline

Their live betting interface is also just as simple as their regular betting screen. When the games are available (when they're actually being played, live, in real-time), it will display the various betting options you have (spread, money line, totals, any special props, etc). Select what you want to bet on, and it'll get added to your Bet Slip on the right.

Choose the amount you want to bet, confirm it, and then wait for your bet to be accepted. The odds can change in live betting very fast, so you have to be quick. It's important to stay focused and not be distracted at that moment. 

Look at the bottom of the Bet Slip section, and you'll see an option that says Accept Favorable Price Change. When I place my live bets, I always leave this at the default option. Why?

Because live betting happens so fast. The odds change in literally seconds. You don't have much time to get your bets in at the current price. The line rarely comes into play anyway with my live betting system.

The reason I tell it to accept favorable price change, versus the other options (one is to accept any price change) is because I want the final say on what odds I'm willing to pay.

The line, spread, or total can change at any time, and I don't want to leave it up to chance on what I'm agreeing to. What if the money line jumps from -130 to -250, because a run was scored in a baseball game? I don't want to pay -250.

Mobile Betting

BetOnline Mobile BettingHaving a smart phone has definitely changed my business for the better.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t be around my laptop all the time. With my live betting system, I place the majority of my bets from my phone. I get the alerts on what team to bet on, I login to BetOnline and place my bet. It probably takes maybe 2 minutes total.

I would say the only negative thing about BetOnline’s mobile betting site is that it definitely isn’t the prettiest one out there. But it works, and I suppose that’s all that really matters.


BetOnline has some of the industry’s best bonuses out there. I would always check out BetOnline’s Promotions page directly to see the current bonuses, but check out some of what they offer:

BetOnline 50% Welcome Bonus

BetOnline has a crazy 50% welcome bonus, where they give you up to $2,500 in free plays on your initial deposit.
Bonus Code: NEW2500

BetOnline Re-Load Bonus

I really like this bonus. On every additional deposit you make, BetOnline gives you a free 25% bonus, up to $1,000!

BetOnline Free Live Betting Bonus

To get you to try out their live betting platform, BetOnline offers a $25 free play on your very first live bet. It’s risk-free.
Make your live bet now!

BetOnline Free Mobile Betting Bonus

BetOnline has a great mobile betting site, and they’re offering up to a $50 free play on your first mobile bet. Awesome.
Make your mobile bet now!

Deposit Options

BetOnline makes it really easy for you to deposit money, even with your credit card. I personally use Skrill and Bitcoin.

I took a screenshot from their site of all the different ways you can deposit money. Click it if you need to see a larger version:

BetOnline Deposit Options

Withdrawal Options

BetOnline also makes it really easy to get paid, and they pay out pretty fast. They’re not the fastest paying sportsbook, but I almost always get my money within 24 hours, either by Skrill or Bitcoin.

Just click the image below if you need to see a larger version of it:

BetOnline Withdrawal Options

So what don’t I like?

I only have one negative thing to say about BetOnline.

Out of the 9 sportsbooks that I’m funded at, BetOnline comes in 7th place, in terms of how often I place pre-game bets there. I only place 6.4% of my pre-game bets at BetOnline, because other sportsbooks offer better prices.

Just being honest, but if it weren’t for my live betting system, I would barely be giving BetOnline much action at all, and they wouldn’t be ranked so high on my list.

But since my live betting system is a very profitable income stream for me, and BetOnline offers live lines on more games than I’ve seen with any other sportsbook, they are my most highly recommended sportsbook.