Week 1 Results: +$743.26 Net Profit

Well, the first week is now finished, and what an amazing week it’s been. If every week was just like this, I could easily be retired by now. Of course, it makes me really nervous, knowing what’s coming next. Anytime you go on such an awesome winning streak, the inevitable losing streak is right around the corner, waiting to bitch-slap your ass back down to Earth.

This week is also a great example as to why winning percentages don’t really matter that much; ROI (Return on Investment) is all that matters. Because 2 of my systems overlap each other (but have different lines, due to one being a live betting system), I am often betting on a game twice, which artificially inflates my win percentage.

I also made a mistake in the math on my spreadsheet, that was causing my bet/risk amounts to increase much faster than normal. I discovered the error yesterday (Sunday) morning, and corrected the bet amounts. Future growth won’t be as fast as this last week’s was, and I’m okay with that.

Alright, so let’s get down to it.

Total Results for Week 1
(12/5/2016 – 12/11/2016)

I made a total of 70 bets. I won 53 of them, and lost 17, giving me a 75.7% win percentage. Awesome. I put $1,379 into action (this is the cumulative total of all the money that I risked over the week; I didn’t risk that much on any given day), and made a net profit of $743.26. I produced an ROI of 53.9%. Like I said, if I could produce that every week, I would be retired by now. 

How much money I made this week betting on sports

Breaking it down by sport

I made the most money from the NBA this week, with the NFL providing the highest ROI.

Profit Breakdown by Sport for Week 1

Breaking it down by sportsbook

I like seeing how each individual sportsbook does for me. I have a theory that I want to test over time, but I’ll need much more data before I can do that. My theory is that certain sportsbooks will either consistently win or lose me money, so I’m curious how this will play out over thousands of bets.

BetOnline made me the most money, while Bovada provided the highest ROI. Bovada is an absolutely great sportsbook for betting the dogs.

Individual System Results

I have 3 systems that I created, and I’ve named them FP, PR, and LB. I’m also betting MMA picks from a handicapper that I pay for. There are 2 additional handicappers that I am interested in trying their picks, but I want to wait about 3 months before doing that.

FP Results

I only had 2 bets this week, and they both won. My FP system doesn’t always produce a lot of bets, but they win at a pretty high rate. The ROI (listed under ‘Return’) is incredible at 177.14%, but that’s only because I used a free-play (a deposit bonus). I’m just about out of my free-play bonuses, with the exception of one sportsbook, so my ROI will be much more realistic in future weeks. I made a net profit of $38.97.

FP Betting System Results for Week 1

PR Results

Amazing week. Out of 26 bets, I had 21 winners, producing an 86.47% ROI, and a net profit of $364.04. There is no way that is sustainable, but I’ll fully enjoy it while it’s being given to me.

PR Betting System Results for Week 1

LB Results

Also a really great week. My LB system is my Live Betting system. It does overlap with the PR system. It’s actually the same system, but sometimes with the Live Betting system, some of the plays are eliminated. Out of 21 total bets, 16 won, for a 76.2% win percentage, producing an ROI of 50.45%, and a net profit of $199.78. Simply amazing.

Live Betting Betting System Results for Week 1

MMA Results

I am currently paying for one handicapper’s picks, and he’s very good. He doesn’t always win; he’s very streaky. He’s been losing for the past few months, and pretty much won it all back and made a profit this month. That’s just how sports betting goes sometimes.

Out of 21 picks, I won 14 of them, for a 66.7% win percentage. I put a total of $540 into action, and made a net profit of $140.47, giving me a 26.01% ROI.

Great handicappers are out there, you just have to find them.

MMA Betting Results for Week 1

Cumulative Results

Since this is my first week, the cumulative results are the same as my first week results, so there’s no need for me to repeat those.

Since I first started 7 days ago, I’ve made an average profit of $106.18 per day. That’s simply incredible, but I would be a fool to expect these kinds of results to continue. I’ve made a total of 70 bets, for an average of 10 bets per day. Those results are skewed, because a lot of bets come in on the weekends, primarily because the MMA handicapper I use releases a lot of picks on fight nights (typically Friday and Saturday nights).

Closing Comments

I’m very excited about these results, even as atypical as I know they are. But still, what an incredible way to kick this experiment off. I can’t wait to see how the results level off as the losing streaks come. I know, it sounds kind of messed up; I’m actually anticipating the losing streak.

I know what all my data shows me, but data and money in the bank are 2 entirely different things. 2 years from now, my goal is to be able to quit my job and live entirely from sports betting, and the income that this blog generates. One week down, 103 to go.

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