Week 2 Results: + $227.01 Profit

Week 2 is now in the books, and while I didn’t kick as much ass as I did on the first week, it was still a really great week. I’ll take 2 dimes in profit any day of the week. Hell, my goal is to make 2 dimes a month, so 2 dimes in a week is damn good to me.

Total Results for Week 2
(12/12/2016 – 12/18/2016)

I made a total of 49 bets. I won 29 of them, lost 17, and pushed on 3, giving me a 63% win percentage. Still very awesome results. I put a total of $1,006 into action, and made a net profit of $227.01. I produced an ROI of 22.57%. Outstanding.

How much money I made betting on sports this week

Breaking it down by sport

The NBA gave me the most profit, while college hoops gave me the highest return. MMA performed the worst.

Breakdown by Sport for Week 2

Breaking it down by sportsbook

MyBookie produced the most income this week, and the biggest return/ROI. The reason for that crazy-high return is because they gave me a large deposit bonus and I finally used it all up. Future returns will go back to normal amounts. Heritage Sports produced the worst results.

Individual System Results

My 3 systems all produced a profit. The one handicapper’s MMA picks I paid for produced a loss, but that’s going to happen. All I care about is that I’m making a profit over the course of the year.

FP Results

I had 3 bets this week under my FP system. 2 wins, 1 loss. $52 total bets, producing a profit of $19.67 and a 37.83% ROI. Profit is profit, and I’ll gladly take what I can get.

FP Betting System Results for Week 2

PR Results

What a great week for my PR system. I had 22 bets. 14 wins, 5 losses, and 3 pushes, giving me a 63.6% win percentage. I put a total of $366 into action, making a profit of $216.35, producing a 59.11% ROI. Damn.

PR Betting System Results for Week 2

LB Results

My live betting system didn’t do as well this week as it did last week, but still a profit. I had 14 bets. I won 9, lost 5, giving me a 64.3% win percentage. I put a total of $338 into action, and made a $65.39 profit, producing a 19.35% ROI.

Live Betting System Results for Week 2

MMA Results

Ouch. I didn’t do so well this week on MMA, but I can’t win every week. The handicapper released 10 picks. 4 wins, 6 losses. 40% win percentage. I bet a total of $250 and I took a loss of -$74.40, giving me a negative ROI of -29.76%. Oh well, it happens.

MMA Betting Results for Week 2

Cumulative Results

Since I started back on December 5, I’ve made a total of 119 bets. I’ve had 82 wins, 34 losses, and 3 pushes, giving me a 68.9% win percentage. I have a put a total of $2,385 into action, and have made a profit of $970.27, producing a 40.68% ROI. My ROI will continue to drop every week until it reaches it’s true number (it was distorted because of all the bonus money I received on my deposits). The average odds of my bets are -105.

As for the individual system/capper results:

  • FP System: 5 bets total. 4 wins, 1 loss (80% winners). $74 in total action, $58.64 in profit, producing a 79.24% ROI.
  • PR System: 48 bets total. 35 wins, 10 losses, 3 pushes (72.9% winners). $787 total bet, $580.39 in profit, producing a 73.75% ROI.
  • LB System: 35 bets total. 25 wins, 10 losses (71.4% winners). $734 total bet, $265.17 in profit, producing a 36.13% ROI.
  • MMA picks: 31 bets total. 18 wins, 13 losses (58.1% winners). $790 total bets, $66.07 in profit, producing an 8.36% ROI. These kind of returns are much more realistic with sports betting, so I really like seeing these kinds of numbers.

I have been at this for 15 days now. That’s an average of 8 bets per day (again, distorted because of the large number of MMA picks on weekends, and well, just a larger number of bets on the weekends in general). My average daily profit currently sits at $64.68. Damn, I wish that was sustainable. Who wouldn’t love to profit an extra 2 grand a month? I can’t wait to see what the true numbers are after this winning streak is over.

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