Week 3 Results: +$112.42 Profit

Week 3 was a really slow week, because of the holidays. I didn’t work very much; I chose to spend most of the time with my family. As a result, I didn’t put in very many bets at all, but it was still a profitable week.

Total Results for Week 3
(12/19/2016 – 12/25/2016)

I only made a total of 11 bets. I won 8 of them, and lost 3 of them, giving me a 72.7% win percentage. I put a total of $286 into action, and made a net profit of $112.42, producing a 39.31% ROI. Amazing results. To be honest, I really expected this winning streak to be over with by now. I expected to be on a losing streak, but a 3 week winning streak only means that a bad losing streak is coming.

How much money I made betting on sports this week

Breaking it down by sport

Yet again, the NBA gave me my most profit, and highest ROI. College football produced the biggest loss.

Profit by Sport Breakdown

Breaking it down by sportsbook

Heritage Sports made me the most money this week, and produced the biggest ROI. 5Dimes lost me the most money.

Individual System Results

2 of my system made me a profit, while I lost money on the 3rd.

FP Results

I had 3 bets from my FP system, and I won all 3 of them. $78 in total action, producing a profit of $72.04 and a 92.36% ROI.

FP Betting System Results for Week 3

PR Results

I had 4 bets. I won 3, and lost 1, giving me a 75% win percentage. I put a total of $104 into action, and made a $47.16 profit, producing a 45.35% ROI.

PR Betting System Results for Week 3

LB Results

My live betting system lost me money this week. I had 4 bets. I won 2 and lost 2, giving me a 50% win percentage. I put a total of $104 into action and lost -$6.78, giving me a negative ROI of -6.52%. If this is as worse as it gets, I’d be ecstatic. Sadly, no, losing streaks get much worse, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Live Betting System Results for Week 3

MMA Results

The handicapper I use did not release any MMA picks for the week, so I had no action on those at all.

Cumulative Results

Since I started back on December 5, 2016, I’ve made a total of 140 bets. I’ve had 94 wins, 43 losses and 3 pushes, giving me a 67.1% win percentage. I have put a total of $2,671 into action, and have made a profit of $1,082.69, producing a 40.54% ROI.

My ROI will continue to drop every week until it reaches it’s true number (it was distorted because of all the bonus money I received on my deposits). 

As for the individual system/capper results:

  • FP System: 10 bets total. 7 wins, 3 loss (70% winners). $152 in total action, $130.68 in profit, producing a 85.97% ROI.
  • PR System: 56 bets total. 40 wins, 13 losses, 3 pushes (71.4% winners). $891 total bet, $627.55 in profit, producing a 70.43% ROI.
  • LB System: 43 bets total. 29 wins, 14 losses (67.4% winners). $838 total bet, $258.39 in profit, producing a 30.83% ROI.
  • MMA picks: 31 bets total. 18 wins, 13 losses (58.1% winners). $790 total bets, $66.07 in profit, producing an 8.36% ROI. These kind of returns are much more realistic with sports betting, so I really like seeing these kinds of numbers.

I have been at this for 21 days now. That’s an average of 6.7 bets per day (again, distorted because of the large number of MMA picks on weekends, and well, just a larger number of bets on the weekends in general). My average daily profit currently sits at $51.56.

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