Week 5 Results: +$280.98 Profit

Well, what can I say without sounding like a broken record? Another winning week! We got back on track after last week’s small loss. That’s just crazy, but it’s incredibly awesome. As I’ve said previously, I really am anxious to have 1 or 2 bad losing weeks, so that I can finally get a true reading on what I can realistically expect going forward.

It’s hard to do that when I’m on this kind of winning streak. Granted, the results aren’t as strong as they were the first 2 weeks, but this has just been some phenomenal results.

Total Results for Week 5
(1/2/2017 – 1/8/2017)

I made a total of 51 bets. I won 29 of them, lost 20, and pushed on 2, giving me a 56.9% win percentage. I put a total of $1,922 into action, and made a net profit of $280.98, producing a 14.62% ROI.

How much money did I make from sports betting?


Breaking it down by sport

I made the most money in the NBA this week, and I did the worst in the NFL.

Breakdown by Sport for Week 5

Breaking it down by sportsbook

I made the most money with BetOnline, and I lost the most money at Bookmaker. I made most of my bets at BetOnline last week.

Individual System Results

2 of my 3 systems were profitable this week, producing a net profit for the week.

FP Results

I had 4 bets total. I won 2 of them, and lost 2, giving me a 50% win percentage. I put $153 into action, and lost -$1.43, producing a negative ROI of -0.93%. Can’t win em all, but you’ll see below in the Cumulative Results section that all of my systems are currently profitable.

FP Results for Week 5

PR Results

I made a total of 25 bets. I won 14, lost 10, and pushed on 1, giving me a 56% win percentage. I put a total of $925 into action, and made a net profit of $133.14, giving me a 14.39% ROI.

PR Results for Week 5

LB Results

I won money with my live betting system this week. I had 22 bets. I won 13, lost 8, and pushed on 1, giving me a 59.1% win percentage. I put a total of $844 into action and I had a winning week, making $149.27 in profit, producing a 17.69% ROI.

Live Betting Results for Week 5

MMA Results

No MMA action this week.

Cumulative Results

Since I started back on December 5, 2016, I’ve made a total of 260 bets. I’ve had 158 wins, 97 losses and 5 pushes, giving me a 60.8% win percentage. I have put a total of $7,009 into action, and have made a profit of $1,346.80, producing a 19.22% ROI.

My ROI will continue to drop every week until it reaches it’s true number (it was distorted because of all the bonus money I received on my deposits).

Cumulative Results for Week 5

As for the individual system/capper results:

  • FP System: 18 bets total. 11 wins, 7 loss (61.1% winners). $431 in total action, $60.52 in profit, producing a 14.04% ROI.
  • PR System: 105 bets total. 66 wins, 35 losses, 4 pushes (62.9% winners). $2,631 in total action, $820.93 in profit, producing a 31.2% ROI.
  • LB System: 82 bets total. 51 wins, 30 losses, 1 push (62.2% winners). $2,353 total bet, $393.12 in profit, producing a 16.71% ROI.
  • MMA picks: 55 bets total. 30 wins, 25 losses (54.5% winners). $1,594 total bets, $72.23 in profit, producing a 4.53% ROI. These kind of returns are much more realistic with sports betting, so I really like seeing these kinds of numbers.

As you can tell, the ROI keeps dropping every week. This is exactly what I want. As I went over in an earlier article, this is entirely because of the massive winning streak I was on, combined with all the bonuses I got from my deposits and reloads.

I have been at this for 35 days now. That’s an average of 7.4 bets per day (again, distorted because of the large number of MMA picks on weekends, and well, just a larger number of bets on the weekends in general). My average daily profit currently sits at $38.48.

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