Where Have I Been??

I've been asked many times why did I quit updating the site, and now that I have a bit of extra time, I figured it was a perfect time to make a post on what I've been doing.


My last post was back in February of this year. About a week after that post, I got offered an incredible job at a blockchain startup, so I jumped at the opportunity. It consumed all of my time, so I didn't really have much spare time to bet on sports or update this site.

I'm a huge proponent of blockchain and crypto, and I took the profits I made from sports betting and invested in crypto. I've done great so far, but now that I have extra time on my hands, and with the start of the American football season, I caught the bug again and decided to crank TradeGrind back up.

I put $1,000 into BetOnline on August 25, and we'll see where it takes me. I'll be using the same money management strategies as before, but for the most part, I'll only be buying other handicapper's picks. I simply don't have time to run any of my own systems (as they always took a lot of time to get the picks).

I'm going to choose the handicappers I work with very carefully. I'm definitely going to continue with the Brandon Lang fade. I have a year's subscription to him, and he's a consistent great income, if you manage to figure out when to fade him (and even when to occasionally tail him!).

Tom from Pro Computer Gambler reached out to me and offered me a year's subscription to his picks, to make up for my pretty bad experience with him from last year. I'm not going to bet his picks at this time, but I will be tracking his plays.

I know what to expect going forward, so my next post will be about walking you through how I'm going to select the next handicapper I'm going to add to my portfolio.

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