Why it’s hard to make a living betting on sports

Going in, you have to know that the world is against you. Nobody wants you to win. Nobody wants you to be the guy that figured out how to beat the system. Just about everybody you know wants you to fail. Can you handle that?

Maybe you have thick skin. Maybe you have that fuck the world mentality going on. That’s something that I really like about older people. They’ve been through enough shit that they naturally have that fuck you ability. I love it.

It’s you against the world

The world is against you. The system is against you. The sportsbooks are against you. Other sports bettors are against you. Hell, even you are against you (even if you don’t realize it). You are your own worst enemy.

Even if you manage to brush off everything else that is against you, chances are that you’re probably not well-equipped to handle yourself. Most of us aren’t. And that’s why, for the vast majority of sports bettors, you will fail. You will not be able to bet on sports for a living.

At least, not until you’ve had enough; when you reach that moment where you are sick and tired of life beating you down. When you are finally beaten into submission, when you’re ready to throw in the towel, to raise the white flag of defeat, to admit that you absolutely suck at sports betting; only then do you have a fighting chance of making it.

Killing the Thrill

Since you’re reading this right now, I’m going to assume that you’re ready. I’m going to assume that you’re ready to admit that betting on sports is not a game. It’s not a hobby. It’s a business. It requires hard work. It requires discipline and dedication. It’s not something you do with the boys on Sundays while eating wings and getting fucked up.

Just like with any other business, you have to have a plan. What are you going to do? You’re probably not a statistical math genius, right? You will have to get your picks from somewhere. 99% of handicappers are scammers. They exist only to steal your money, your time, and your pride.

You will have to learn how to be incredibly disciplined. You will have to learn how to keep placing your bets even when you’ve just lost your last 15 bets. You will have to learn to accept the reality of having 4 losing months in a row. You will have to remove all emotion from this business. You will have to be persistent, thick-skinned, and dedicated to make it in this business. In other words, you have to completely kill the thrill.

Chances are … you can’t

You know what? Most people can’t do it. You probably won’t be able to do it, either. It took me years before I was able to get to the point where I am now. Who knows? Maybe you’re already at that point right now. Maybe you will be one of the 1% of sports bettors that actually do make it. I hope you are.

I love this business. It drew me in, and it energizes me. The losing streaks used to wipe me out emotionally (and financially). They drained me, until I learned to look at this like a business. Losses are just a cost of doing business; they are just another expense. All businesses have revenue, and all businesses have expenses. Wins are revenue, losses are expenses. It’s simple accounting.

You’re not an island

Betting on sports for a living is quite difficult, until you learn to change your mindset and treat it like a business. You can’t do it on your own. There’s no scalability in that. I can’t speak for you, but personally, I dream big. I don’t start something if it’s not scalable. I have no interest in buying myself a job. I already have a day job that I’m trying to quit one day.

I figured out that I can’t do this on my own, and neither can you. You need suppliers (handicappers & systems). You need an army behind you. That’s part of my mission here; to create an army of intelligent sports bettors that do this for a living. Why? Because there is strength in numbers.

I developed 3 sports betting systems on my own. They target the American sports. Maybe you’ve developed your own system. Maybe you’re really good at betting one of the sports that I don’t have a system for, like soccer, rugby or tennis. I would love to have my money in action 24/7. Why let it sit there, not making me money for a large portion of the day?

And of course, there’s the social aspect of it. My goal is to create a global community of people that bet on sports for a living. A community where we collectively feel a unity between us. Where we share our thoughts, experiences, successes, failures, tips and also just say … hey, how ya doin?

It takes intense dedication

The past 2 weeks have shown me incredible results. I’ve increased my bankroll substantially. It has been one of those legendary winning streaks that dreams are made of. It has been one hell of a December to remember.

But I can’t let that rush get to my head. That rush will ruin me, if I let it. I have to stay smart, dedicated, and focused. The losing streak is coming. It’s right around the corner. I have to be prepared to go 2-15, and still get up the next day and make the same size bets, as if the past had never happened. Can you do that?

If you can’t, then you’re not ready. By all means, stick around and follow along as I (and the rest of my readers) remain calm and continue to crush it. It will click for you eventually, and when it does, the sky is the limit.

Maybe a hobby should stay a hobby?

Remember, the world is against you. People want you to fail. You won’t even be able to tell most people what you’re doing. For one, they won’t care, and two, they’ll just be incredibly negative about it. Nobody wants you to succeed. Misery loves company.

Are you ready to handle a business where you have to keep quiet about it? Maybe just your spouse and your closest 1 or 2 friends will know about it. Are you okay with that?

Are you ready to handle a business that pretty much takes the fun out of something you do for entertainment? I used to bet on sports for fun, to add a rush to a game I was going to watch. I don’t do that anymore. I don’t bet on sports recreationally anymore. Sure, I still go to sports bars to watch UFC or my favorite football team, but I don’t bet on them anymore. It’s not fun for me. It’s business.

Are you different?

I personally love it. I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I hope that I will be doing this for years to come. Chances are, you won’t be. It takes a certain type of person; a certain type of character. Most people don’t have it. You probably don’t have it.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Like I said, 99% of sports bettors don’t have that level of discipline. They simply can’t do it. I don’t fault them. Not everybody can bake cakes or cut hair or set a cast or defend you in a lawsuit … or run a successful sports betting business.

But if you think you’re different. No, scratch that. If you know that you’re different, then you will be able to make it. You will be able to at least make a nice side income from sports betting. Your bankroll and quality of desired lifestyle are really the only limiting factors in the equation.

What you can realistically expect

Just like with any other business, expect the first 3-5 years to grow slow. Unless you’re coming in with a $100,000 to invest, then it’s going to take time to build up your bankroll to a level that can produce the level of income that you will require for your desired quality of life. If you only have $1,000 to start with, that means you will start off risking $10 a game. It would take you more time to grow your investment into something that produces $1,000 a month in income, compared to somebody that started with $25,000 and would start off risking $250 a game.

For most people that bet on sports, reading those numbers might be a shock to them. That’s just the reality of it. Those are the numbers to expect. That’s what it takes. The human brain wants what it wants now. We demand instant gratification. We’re not willing to put in the hours and do the work. We want it all, and we want it all right now.

It doesn’t work that way with this business (nor with any other business). As I’ve said countless times, success requires dedication. It requires patience. It requires persistence. Discipline. Obsession. Can you be disciplined? Are you willing to take it to a level where people would say that you’re obsessed? Obsession is just the hardcore version of dedication.

This blog is about transparency; no sugar-coating. It’s about what it really takes to make it in this business. It’s okay if you’re not cut out for it; most people aren’t. I am.
I will make a living from betting on sports.

Will you?

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