It’s rough seeing all this red

The good news is that I finally fired Pro Computer Gambler, so now I can get back to rebuilding my bankroll. I should thank him for doing what he did. I wish he would've done it much sooner. It would've saved me quite a bit of money.

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Pro Computer Gambler Finally Fired

I’m officially done with Pro Computer Gambler & Tom Herbert

I really didn't want to write this post, but enough is enough.

After a truly horrendous run, including going 1-7 one day this week, PCG released 17 picks in one day!

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Finally, a winning week!

I still had a winning week, even though Pro Computer Gambler's very extended losing streak continued to cut away from my profits. Maybe it's time he start thinking about adapting his model? He's already lost me $2,000 (not counting subscription fees) over 356 picks.

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Losing Sucks

This losing streak really sucks

What can I say that hasn't already been said? This losing streak is rough. The new handicappers I started using for MLB made me money last week, while everything else that had picks lost money.

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My profit plan for the 2017 MLB season

Baseball is the most profitable American sport to bet on, yet it's one of the least popular sports (in terms of betting volume).

No other sport comes remotely close to the number of games played.

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6 things I learned after making 1,043 bets in 4 months

What I learned after making 1,043 bets in my first 4 months

Sports betting for a living is hard.

It's incredibly easy when you're on a winning streak.

But when that inevitable losing streak comes? It's a true test of will. 

When I started thinking about the outline for this article, 6 things easily came to mind that I had to share with you. Keep reading to find out what they are.

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Easy come, Easy go

The losing streak continues: I lost -$1,036.50 last week

Just when I thought the worst was behind me, I think I just had my worst losing week ever. I lost 4 figures in 1 week. Every single system and handicapper that released picks lost me money last week, including my own systems. Ouch.

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Weekly Breakdown

Is the losing streak over? I made $875.36 last week

As necessary as losing streaks are, they're always incredibly difficult to deal with, especially when they last for more than a month. It doesn't matter how long I've been in this business, losing for consecutive weeks or months never gets any easier.

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Lost money betting on sports

Weekly Update: (-$313.57) Loss

Ouch. The bleeding continues. This losing streak sucks.

​It's eating away at my profit. It's lowering my ROI. I know the rules. I know what to expect, but it still gets to me. Watching my bankroll balance shrink every week is really hard.

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Weekly Update: (-$540.53) Loss

Another losing week.

These handicappers that I’m using are on losing streaks, while my own systems made me a small profit.

Well, this is exactly what I was wanting.

After that winning streak that went on for quite some time, the losing streak has arrived.

It’s cutting into my profit, but it’s making my numbers much more realistic.

Welcome to the world of sports betting.

Weekly Results
(2/27/2017 – 3/5/2017)

I made a total of 104 bets. I won 49 of them, lost 52, 2 refunded, and 1 push, giving me a 48.5% win rate. I put a total of $6,068 into action, and made a net loss of -$540.53, producing a -8.91% ROI.

How much money did I make this week betting on sports?

Breaking it down by sport

I made the most money in soccer this week, and I did the worst in the NBA.

Profit by Sport Breakdown

Breaking it down by sportsbook

I made the most money with Bet365, and I lost the most money at Pinnacle. I made most of my bets at Pinnacle last week.

Free Pick Betting System Results

I had 5 bets total. I won 4 of them, and lost 1, giving me an 80% win rate. I put $292 into action, and made a profit of $171.82, producing a 58.84% ROI.

Free Pick Results

Live Betting System Results

I had 19 bets. I won 10, lost 8, and 1 push, giving me a 55.6% win rate. I put a total of $1,123 into action and made a $34.65 profit, producing a 3.09% ROI.

Live Betting System Results

Custom2006 MMA Results

The first MMA handicapper that I’ve been using a bit longer than the other is Custom2006 over at PickMonitor. He’s very good at what he does. This week, there were 11 picks; 6 wins, 4 losses, and 1 refund, giving me a 60% win rate. I put a total of $678 into action, and made a profit of $87.54, giving me a 12.91% ROI.

Custom2006 Weekly MMA Results

MMA Betting Tips Results

The second MMA handicapper that I use is MMA Betting Tips. He likes to pick a lot of high-priced favorites, so his strike rate (win rate) is really high. So is his ROI, and that’s what I really care about. This week, there were 5 picks; 3 wins, 1 loss, and 1 refund, giving me a 75% win rate. I put a total of $302 into action, and made a profit of $27.93, giving me a 9.25% ROI.

MMA Betting Tips Weekly Record

Pro Computer Gambler Results

This week, there were 43 picks; 17 wins, and 26 losses, giving me a 39.5% win rate. I put a total of $2,433 into action, and made a loss of -$663.38, giving me a -27.27% ROI.

Pro Computer Gambler Weekly Results

The Sports Geek Results

This week, there were 21 picks; 9 wins, and 12 losses, giving me a 42.9% win rate. I put a total of $1,240 into action, and lost -$199.09, giving me a -16.06% ROI.

The Sports Geek Weekly Results

Cumulative Results

Since I started back on December 5, 2016, I’ve made a total of 783 bets. I’ve had 433 wins, 334 losses, 5 bets refunded, and 11 pushes, giving me a 56.5% win rate. I have put a total of $31,012 into action, and have made a profit of $1,675.77, producing an 5.4% ROI.

The average odds of my bets are -104, and my average bet size is $40.54.

How much money have I made betting on sports?

I have made the most profit in the NBA, and NHL hockey has produced the worst return for me.

Profit by Sport Breakdown

I made the most money placing my bets at BetOnline, with Bovada a close second. I’ve lost the most money at 5Dimes. I’ve made the most of my bets at BetOnline, with Pinnacle coming in 2nd.

As for the individual system/handicapper results:

  • Free Picks (FP): 58 bets total. 38 wins, 19 losses, 1 push (66.7% winners). $2,213 in total action, $647.59 in profit, producing a 29.26% ROI.
  • PR System: 160 bets total. 96 wins, 58 losses, 6 pushes (62.3% winners). $4,562 in total action, $964.14 in profit, producing a 21.13% ROI.
  • Live Betting System (LB): 226 bets total. 130 wins, 92 losses, 4 pushes (58.6% winners). $8,829 total bet, $705.29 in profit, producing a  7.99% ROI.
  • Custom2006 MMA: 109 bets total. 60 wins, 46 losses, 3 bets refunded (56.6% winners). $4,060 total bets, $573.95 in profit, producing a 14.14% ROI.
  • MMA Betting Tips: 20 bets total. 14 wins, 4 losses, 2 bets refunded (77.8% winners). $915 in total action, $152.64 in profit, producing a 16.68% ROI.
  • Pro Computer Gambler (PCG): 181 bets total. 83 wins, 98 losses, (45.9% winners). $8,831 in total action, loss of -$1,101.04 , producing a -12.47% ROI.
  • The Sports Geek (TSG): 29 bets total. 12 wins, 17 losses, (41.4% winners). $1,602 in total action, loss of -$266.80 , producing a -16.65% ROI.

My ROI keeps on fluctuating, but I expect that with the smaller number of bets I’ve put in. The more bets I make, the more consistent results I can eventually expect. I’m getting closer to 1,000 bets; so once I’m there, it will be a fairly accurate indicator of what kind of ROI I can expect going forward. The more bets I have recorded in my bet tracker spreadsheet, the more accurate my data will be.

I have been at this for 91 days now. That’s an average of 8.6 bets per day (again, distorted because of the large number of MMA picks on weekends, and well, just a larger number of bets on the weekends in general). My average daily profit currently sits at $18.53.